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About us

Our Objective:

We are devoted to promoting a continuous improvement in providing technology solutions to Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Government and Nonprofit organizations in the East African region.

Core Values

  • Professional
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
  • All-win

Our Culture

  • Integrity
  • Learning culture
  • Thanksgiving
  • Harmony

About Us:
Libro Business Systems provide a wide range of products and services that encapsulates the major aspects of the IT arena. We see obstacles as challenges to find new and exciting ways to fulfill our customers’ power needs.

To build a Leading-edge Information and Communication Technology solutions company deployed to improve quality of life of the ordinary Citizen.

We do not compromise when it comes to quality. We set our standards high and then we aim to surpass them by investing in the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Guiding Principle:
Big results come from a lean journey of continuous improvement.

Your Digital Partner

Our process

1. You call us

You may call us at any time convenient for you. Our consultant will record the cause of failure of the gadget, your contact details and direct to you the wizard.

2. Arrival and diagnosis

After the arrival of the master diagnose gadget. Depending on the complexity of the repair, will make repairs on the spot or take away the gadget in the workshop.

3. Repair

Produced careful repair with replacement of parts only of the original production. You can not worry about the integrity of the data on the phone.

4. Return to the specified address

After a repair is completed our consultant will contact You and specify address and delivery time. Thank you.


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